Strap on your skates, step up to the blue line and test your skills in the most realistic physics-based hockey simulation available! Target practice against an AI goalie, choose between timed or shot count game modes with your choice of 3 different environments.

*Available for Quest 1 & 2 / Oculus Rift S.

USD $3.99

RealStick easily clips onto your controller and secures it to any hockey stick, making your shots more accurate with a natural feel.

*Available for Quest 1 & 2 / Oculus Rift S / HTC Vive / Knuckles.

*Not required to play.

Hockey VR Bundle

CAD $599.99

RealStick Attatchment

CAD $14.99

*The RealStick adapter is not a product of Oculus or Facebook LLC. It was designed and tested to be safe and reliable. However, we are not responsible for any damage to Oculus controllers or surroundings while using RealStick.
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