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2014-07-21 04:07:02


Healthy lifestyles and practices are becoming more and more integrated into the lives of everyday people. A step towards this desired lifestyle can start with the transition from conventional meats to organic meats. Organic meat products are produced using environmentally and animal friendly methods, without the use of harmful pesticides.  Cattle raised on organic farms are not exposed to feedlots consisting of fatty grains, growth hormones and animal by products that can inevitably contaminate those who consume the meat. Purchasing organic meats can be extremely beneficial to humans as they are 30% higher in antioxidants and have higher concentrations by 25% of eleven different nutrients. Consumers no longer have to worry about the detrimental side effects of ingesting damaging pesticides.

Clear Creek Organics is a dedicated supplier of Certified Organic Beef and is composed of multiple farms growing beef within Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Farms associated with Clear Creek Organics raise cattle in all natural processes ensuring that fresh, flavourful and nutritious beef is being produced. There is no gluten, sodium nitrates, phosphates or MSG added to any of the products as well, all spices used on meat products are certified organic. Local farmers from within the community have come together to provide a wide variety of organic sausage, deli meat, European sausage and lamb. Organic meat products have been proclaimed by consumers to taste better than conventional meat products due to leaner meat containing less fat.

Melcher Studios is a proud supporter of Clear Creek Organics, promoting healthy diets and lifestyles for generations to come!  For more information, please visit www.clearcreekorganics.ca



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