VR Fire Simulator

For Fire Extinguisher Training
There are many different types of fires and knowing what extinguisher to use is crucial. Using a real extinguisher modified for virtual training (including a real pin) you will put out fires in (5) different scenarios: a stove grease fire, an office electrical fire, a couch fire, oily rags in a garage fire, and a warehouse oil fire. You will be scored on: Choosing the correct extinguisher and propellant, if you successfully put out the fire, and how much propellant was used.

Content was developed in conjunction with Matt Pointer of the Regina Fire Department. Matt has experience working in oil and gas and has worked as a pipefitter. He is also a Primary Care Paramedic and a certified Red Cross First Aid instructor.




Oculus Quest 2
HTC Vive
Peripheral Included

Course Length

15-20 mins
# of Propellant Types

Stats Tracking

# of Scenarios



Trainees will use a virtual reality headset and a real prop fire extinguisher to put out virtual fires. The VR Fire simulator is a very effective replacement of practical fire extinguishing which is becoming extremely costly and environmentally concerning. Getting permits to burn real fires is very difficult and itself can be unsafe. This simulator is designed to work with your existing fire safety training course by replacing the "practical burn" section. You will put to use all that you learned in the classroom by choosing the proper extinguisher and propellant while using the correct procedures to effectively put out fires. These can include:
  • Workplace Safety
  • Fire Basics
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fighting a Fire With A Portable Fire Extinguisher
  • Practical Exam with a VR Fire Extinguisher*
This course enhances the learning process while taking fire safety as a requirement for the workplace. When the theory part of the fire safety materials training has been completed the users engages in the VR Fire Simulator to experience from the lessons they just covered.


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What’s included

  • Fire extinguisher(s)
  • Oculus Controller Mount(s)
  • Oculus Quest 2(s)
  • VR ready laptop(s)
  • Setup, configuration, integration and installation
  • Shipping/storage case(s)
  • Cloud administration using our VR Hub https://www.melcher.ca/vr-mr-hub
  • Software (< 100 employees) – Unlimited use for as long as Database, Tracking, Support, Hosting, Subscription & Cloud Admin is paid yearly
  • Shipping *Subject to be adjusted slightly on final shipping day
  • 10 hours of development updates for localization (i.e. language changes, text updates, etc.) *It is expected the client will assist with reviewing and approving changes
  • Full customization options are available - estimations will be provided upon further client discussions
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